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So I’m slightly obsessed with organization. My clothes are separated by type and then by color. I would have them even more separated than this if I had the room. 
Know of any careers for a fairly tidy person such as I? Now is the time to tell me. #tidy #neatfreak #clean #organized #mine


Shine bright like a washed nintendog image

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how the heck do people shoplift, thats so much weight to pick up, an entire store

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if lust is a sin and im horny 24/7 does that mean i sin 24/7

I don’t mind sinning more and help you out ;)

you two need jesus

i dont think jesus was into threesomes

you don’t know me

Everyone on this website is going to hell

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"youre old enough to make appointments yourself now"


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When it comes to posts like this it really hits hard. You go through the list just to realise you do/feel all of those things. You realise just how bad it actually is.
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*prints this tweet, rolls a cigarette with it, and puts it between my teeth without lighting it*
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"i need a movie where there are kickass female characters"image

"i need a movie where the main characters aren’t attractive"image

"i need a movie with annoying talking animals"


"i need a movie where the main character lives in a swamp"


"i need a movie that has all star by smash mouth on the soundtrack"


what the fuck do you mean shrek isnt attractive

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